Log Species and Profiles

Log Species

Wood is a natural choice for home construction. It is beautiful, affordable, warm, versatile and energy-efficient. Barna Log Homes offers homebuilders a wide selection of log species proven to be great performers. We select, shape and fit only premium logs to ensure that we maintain the size and conformity of the log. This way, you get a house you'll be proud to call home, and we can take pride in your home wearing the Barna Log Homes name. We recommend the following species:

White Pine is known for its distinctive light color and medium-coarse texture, and it has a tighter, less prominent grain than Yellow Pine. It is lighter in weight then Yellow Pine and is ideal for lateral applications. Aesthetically, White Pine is chosen for its light color and because it has fewer knots. Barna offers premium White Pine for a variety of applications.

Western Red Cedar, with its characteristic light cedar scent and warm reddish hue, creates homes of distinction. Naturally resistant to disease and insects, it is relatively soft and light in weight. Western Red Cedar is typically used in lateral applications and cannot be hewn.

Log Profiles

Barna's complete selection of species and profiles allows our customers maximum design flexibility. All of our logs are inspected and graded to TPI (Timber Products Inspection) standards. Our premium-graded systems are first kiln-dried to remove moisture and stabilize the logs. They are then finish-milled to a variety of optional profiles. In the final step, the logs are pre-cut, pre-drilled and labeled for ease of construction.

roundlog.jpg Round Log System 8", 9", 10", or 12"
Offers the beauty of the round log profile inside as well as outside. All log sizes are offered in White Pine. All logs are offered with a smooth or a draw knife finish.
dlog.jpg D-Log System 8", 9", 10", or 12"
Round outside/flat inside, offers a more conventional (flat face) interior design. These logs are offered in White Pine. The logs can be smooth or draw knife finished.
squarelog.jpg Square Log System 6" x 12" or 8" x 12"
European dove-tail system with planed, machine-hewn, and hand-hewn options, plus rustic, V-groove, or chink-groove finishes. The square logs are offered in White Pine and Western Red Cedar.
halflog.jpg Conventional Half-Log System
Typically used to convert a frame home into a log-over-frame system, profile available in all log systems and popular for dormers, garages, sunrooms and renovations. Available in all available log profiles.
dlog.jpg Hi Stack
Round outside/flat inside, for conventional interior design. The 6" x 8" Hi-Stack is offered in White Pine and Western Red Cedar with a smooth finish.